Jericho Rangers

The Jericho Rangers is the generic name for the fans who love the CBS TV show Jericho.

In the show, the Jericho Rangers, were a group of citizens formed to protect the fictional town of Jericho from external threats, such as Ravenwood. The group was formed by Jake Green who asked his father, Mayor Johnston Green, to sanction the group.

From S1 E9, Crossroads:
Jake: "We need a security force. A real one. Trained. Sanctioned, by you."

Johnston: "This belonged [Ranger manual] to your grandfather. He had it on him when he landed at D-Day. When he had to take command of his platoon, that manual and his training got him from Omaha beach to Germany."

Jake: "I remember the story."

Johnston: "Make sure you do it right."

Fallen Rangers

The rangers who are no longer with us, will always be remembered and are listed below. If you know of a ranger who is not listed here, please use the contact tab to let us know and they will be added.

Benton, Wilma (Kittyping) - Passed on 1/13/14
Kittyping's Jericho Friends

Daily, Shaun (Shaun o'Mac) - Passed on 10/29/15
JEBS Tribute
Honoring Shaun Daily Facebook Group

Frazier, Jerry "Lee" - Passed on 12/06/12
JEBS Tribute
Guest Book

Huddleston, David (played E.J. Green) - Passed on 8/2/2016
Hollywood Reporter

Kennedy, Charles "Mark" (Ka4ist) - Passed on 12/10/12

Warwick, Mary Beth (Everabebe/Bebay) - Passed on 7/9/17