Current Save Jericho Efforts

Watch and Share Jericho

Continue to watch Jericho, via the outlets mentioned below, and share on social media that you are watching Jericho. This helps expand our audience and makes current fans aware of where to find the show.

CBS All Access


International Fans
CBS has licensed Netflix, to air Jericho in all of their foreign markets. Netflix is continuging to expand, so if you don't have Netflix, contact them and ask for it.

Attention All Access Campaign

 On September 24th, the night that Star Trek: Discovery airs on All Access and the CBS Network, we will be doing one long night of social media mentioning Discovery and Jericho.

My Hollywood contact has assured me that the CBS/All Access Executives will be watching social media that night to see how the fans like ST:Discovery. By using both Discovery and Jericho in our posts and e-mails, we can get the attention of the executives.

International fans can join in too, since Netflix will be airing ST:Discovery. In Canada, ST:Discovery will air on CTV.

More ideas

1. Tell your family, friends and co-workers about Jericho, both the series and the graphic novels.

2. Pass out Jericho business cards. You can pass these out to places you go - businesses or community locales.

3. Wear a Jericho Tee-shirt in your everyday life. The tee-
shirt often opens up conversations to people you might not

4. Use a glass marker and make a sign in your rear car
window about Jericho.

Thank you to the many people who have contrib
uted ideas to
this list. Here is a partial list of thank you's: Redsox,
Maybei, Schumi, Susan Gator, K6FEJ, Denny, General Patton,
Nightbird, Jeanine, Ichthus, Mikesmom, Scoobud, Rangerette,
Marilyn, Kelly F, KayT, Shelby, Zack and Faith.


The Jericho fans will be at:

Promotional Material

Business Cards